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TCE PACER Test Results
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Tuesday, October 08, 2019
Way to go kiddos!!!

TCE’s Pacer Test

Tracy City Elementary School and principal Mr. Paul Conry are proud to recognize the hard work put into the PACER Test.  Coach Colby Newsome administered the PACER Test in his PE class.  The results from each school are submitted to the   District Health Coordinator Mrs. Mary Jo Gallagher.  The results are then figured, and the top students are recognized.  The following students won ribbons for their placement within the school or county: 4th grade 1st place in the county/TCE was Braxton Whitman, 2nd place in the county/TCE was Brydenn Herrera, 3rd place TCE boy was James Lankford, 1st place TCE girl was Alice Merrill, 2nd place TCE girl was Adrianna Doino, 3rs place TCE girl was Bailey Handing.  In 6th grade, the winners were 1st place TCE girl was Alexann Cantrell, 2nd place TCE girl was Joshalynn Jones, 3rd place TCE girl was Scarlet Walkden, 1st place TCE boy was Hunter Stiefel, 2nd place TCE boy Jacob Stiefel, and 3rd place TCE boy was Kaden Nichols.  Finally, in 8th grade, the winners were 1st place TCE girl Angelia Sanders, 2nd place TCE girl Shelby Nunley, 3rd place TCE girl Shaylee Myers 1st place TCE boy Matthew Griffith, 2nd place TCE boy Jet Kilgore, and 3rd place TCE boy was Landon Roberts.  We are very proud of each of you!







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