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Tracy City Elementary School Field Day Winners
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Thursday, May 09, 2019
May 8, 2019 Way to go!!!

Tracy City Elementary School

2018-2019 County-Wide Field Day

May 8, 2019 Winners


Mr. Jon Haskew and several of our amazing students headed to the

high school on May 8th to participate in the county-wide field day. 

Our fine students came home with 34 medals.  Not to shabby! 

Congratulations to each of our participants, Mr. Haskew, and to all

of those who took part in the day!  Yet another example of how

amazing our children are!

         50 Yard Dash

3rd grade—Alice Merrell 2nd

4th grade—Kallie Parson 1st

                  Vincent Bryant 1st

                  Hunter Stiefel 2nd

5th grade—Scarlet Walkden 2nd            

                  Angel Cantrell 3rd

6th grade—Sam Parson 2nd

7th grade—Zach Cooley 1st

                 Angelia Sanders 2nd

                 Shelby Nunley 3rd

8th grade—Jeffrey Jr. Crisp 2nd


            ¼ Mile Run

3rd grade—Bailey Handing 1st

                     Alice Merrell 2nd

                  Bryden Herrera 2nd

4th grade—Kallie Parson 2nd

                  Vincent Bryant 1st

                  Maddox Parson 3rd

5th grade—Scarlet Walkden 3rd


            ½ Mile Run

6th grade—Caden Sitz 3rd

7th grade—Angelina Sanders 2nd

8th grade—Alex Parson 3rd


             Sack Race

3rd grade—James Lankford 3rd

4th grade—Vincent Bryant 2nd

                  Jacob Stiefel 1st

5th grade—Alexann Cantrell 2nd

                  Peyton Copeland 3rd


            Softball Throw

3rd grade—Brooklyn Burrows 1st

4th grade—Kallie Parson 2nd

5th grade—Sophie Parmley 1st

6th grade—Abby Nunley 1st


            Football Throw

4th grade—Jacob Stiefel 1st

5th grade—Malachi Strong 3rd


     Long Jump

6th grade—Sam Parson 1st

7th grade—Zach Cooley 2nd

8th grade—Brendan Marsh 3rd


         Hula Hoop

7th grade—Shaylee Myers 3rd



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